Frequently Asked Questions

Kids are already spending so much time on Online classes. Do u think this is the rational decision in their favour to add the burden of more screen time to their day?
Why should child start learning coding in early years?
How many students are there in one batch?
Do you provide any course material for future reference?
Any specific H/w or S/w requirement to attend course sessions?
My kid has interest in learning computer languages but what is the right age to start learning coding? Is there any guideline to decide the right age? and which language the kid should go for?
How to choose the language the kid should opt?
What is the future scope of learning any computer language?
When there are so many established brands in market for Online Coding classes, what are you offering different than them?
What is 'X' factor in your course curriculum which makes the kid confident in that respective language?
What if child loses interest during the course, will the fees be refundable for rest of the classes?
How you maintain that quality of Teaching standards and Course Curriculum?